First of all, what is an agency? Oxford Dictionaries define an agency as:
“A business or organization providing a particular service on behalf of another business, person, or group.”

Let’s break down the actual benefits of working with a professional design agency:

1) Knowledge & Expertise

When you hire a full team of creative minds and industry experienced professionals, there is definitely a different kind of mathematics: one plus one will equal much more than two. The synergy that comes from a group of people who work on projects like yours on the daily will be definitely more significant than the one from one-man businesses.

2) Creativity

Agency professionals nourish their creativity. They attend workshops, educate themselves, pursue their passions. They push themselves to higher levels of artistic expressions and cutting edge design. For example the creative director of Flyerhouse, Zsolt Asztalos has exhibited at the Venice Biennale and many other international Art Shows.

3) Time Efficiency

A seasoned agency team (that consists of creatives, accounts, assistans) that has already worked together on several projects will know how to manage a big project, time and cost efficiently. For example Flyerhouse has developed their own real transparent online project tracking.

4) Reliability

A professional agency is a real company. You enter into a contract with them where you draft a timeline, assign deadlines. You have document which holds the agency accountable. They work every day, 5 times a week, no time-off.

5) Value for money

Since we are talking about an experienced team with smooth workflow which holds up to a commitment (contract), they make sure they deliver the best, in a time and cost efficient way. They work parallelly with different clients, so they also can’t afford to procrastinate.