Logos used to be one size fits all. But platforms have changed – there are many of them and they all require different criteria. With the rising of social media, omnichannel communication is the main focus of brands and businesses. An avatar, a Facebook cover (or an IGTV cover), a brochure, an envelope all require different size and color scheme.⁣ Therefore, you better have a logo for each case.


What a responsive logo actually is

According to 99designs, responsive logos are shape-shifting logos that change in size, complexity or even color to accommodate and adapt to wherever they are placed.⁣ Basically they are easily scalable variations of your logo.

These examples are from responsivelogos.co.uk, a pretty fun website. If you resize the browser, the logos also shift shape.⁣


Responsive logos in the digital space

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, do you see how rapidly the digital space changes? If so, you can easily admit how hard it is to stay relevant and get your message through. The key word here is adaption. Your brand has to adapt to new challenges, new platforms. This means, your logo also has to adapt to the new context. Let’s take an example! A website has 15 seconds to communicate its main message. You don’t have time – and space! – to show off your huge logo, because then you don’t have a chance to get across what your business actually does.


Don’t forget: your logo is not your brand

You are too afraid to change up the logo of your business because you think it will change your entire brand identity? Well, we are here to tell you: your brand does not equal its logo. It’s much more than that! For sure, it is an important part of it, but the whole brand builds up from other parts too: the color scheme, the typo, slogans, emblems et cetera.


How are responsive logos are created?

To simply put, responsive logos are the art of simplification. We start to scale down the logo and remove elements and details on the way. Or the opposite: we reduce the size and stack them up so they take up less space. We can also reduce the amount of colors to simplify your logo. The key word here is consistency, because each variation should be just a variation of the same logo, not a new logo all together. The goal is to create a logo for every size, every shape, every season.

Do you take responsiveness into consideration when you design a logo? If your brand still doesn’t have a responsive logo but you’d like to, reach out to us and get a quote!⁣

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