Brochure: A well-designed brochure should create trust and sell your products. We design brochures in every style, length and type. Our designs will be a work of art – making a statement for your business.

Catalogue: We understand it’s important to know your objectives, your target market and tell your customers what you are best at. A successful catalogue is informative and communicates the advantages of your products to the potential customer. The catalogue we create for you will generate results.

We offer:

  • Product brochures
  • Product catalogues
  • Event brochures for shows and exhibitions
  • Programme brochures

At Flyerhouse we cater for everything from a simple 4-page brochure/catalogue to over 200 pages. We can be creative with designs and formats. We offer non-standard sizes and formats that give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


We work with you to deliver a design that reflects the perfect message for your business. The brochure/catalogue that enhances your brand and sells your products effectively – whether off the page or by directing your customers to your website.

We provide a complete end-to-end service producing engaging, inspiring and persuasive brochure and catalogue designs that generate results. Our design team manages every stage of the process in-house and you can track the process online.

We take you through every stage of your design process, from brief to concept visuals, the design development and final artwork to inspire target audiences’ reactions.

Our seasoned professionals work closely with you to understand your unique selling points and create a brochure or catalogue, which will enhance your brand and sell your products effectively. Whether you would like to show your product range, need to present the programme of your event, or prepare to exhibit at a show – we can help.


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